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Welcome to Team Theodore's Trailblazers Fundraiser Page!

Kathryn Corlett

Kathryn Corlett

Teddy loves listening to the dialogue and music of Sesame Street during playtime! Sesame Workshop strives to provide joyful learning in children's lives through its lively and colorful characters. Teddy and I will be walking a race to help Sesame Workshop continue to bring learning and laughter to children all around the world. Your generous donation will help kids everywhere get the educational resources they need to grow smarter, stronger and kinder!

Together we can make a difference in children's lives, even our own! Please join our team or donate today! Thank you!


raised of $500 goal

Recent Donations

1. Nick And Tomassi
Go get em Teddy love Tomassi !
2. Nick And Katie Saunders
3. Julianna Corlett
Teddy we love you 😍
4. Christina Corlett
Love Gio and Dom
5. Uncle Dale
6. Kathryn Koliha
We are behind you all the way Teddy! We will win this race for all children!

Team Theodore’s Trailblazers