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Livestream Fundraisers

    Donate $10!

    Your donation will help children everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder.
    Donate $20!

    $20 helps us print 4 child-facing storybooks for our Ahlan Simsim program in the Middle East .
    Donate $50!

    $50 helps us  compile and deliver one early childhood development kit for home-based work in Bangladesh.
    Donate $100!

    $100 helps us provide wind up radios with full SD cards of content to four households.
    Donate $250!

    $250 helps us print caregiver-facing content packets that promote nurturing care and support play-based learning for 50 families.
    Donate $500!

    $500 helps us do things like purchase and deliver a portable projector package, bringing Sesame video content to learning spaces without electricity. 
    Donate $1,000!

    $1,000 helps us create a new, illustrated storybook for children living in the Cox's Bazar refugee camps. 
    Donate $2,500!

    $2,500 helps us produce at least ten multimedia classroom kits, ultimately reaching thousands of children with Sesame content.
    Donate $5,000!

    $5,000 helps us cover the cost of distribution of one hundred playmats through two strategically selected implementation partners in crisis-affected communities, reaching more than 2,000 children. 
    *The above is by way of example, your generous donation will be used in a manner that will alleviate the most pressing needs identified by Sesame Workshop. For legal disclosures, click here.